Sunday, 21 August 2016

Library book haul

Feeling a reading slump (when you just can't "get into" any book) coming on - probably because I've read quite a lot recently thanks to being on holiday - I am bit reluctant to buy another book. Therefore, inspired by Elena Reads Books' video about books she has checked out from the library, I decided to visit my local library. These are the books I picked up (in alphabetical order).

Having read the first DI Vera Stanhope novel, I decided to give this - the fifth in the series - a go. Not sure if I will even attempt to read it to be honest but, hey, that's the great thing about library books; you haven't wasted any money if you don't end up reading them.

Promoting her book Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen (the first in her Six Tudors Queens series) at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Weir gave a very interesting talk about Katherine and about her approach to writing historical fiction. So much so that I was inspired to read one of her books (which, after all, was the point of her talk); however, I realised I couldn't face reading yet another book about Henry VIII or his wives (I've already read Wolf Hall, Bringing up the Bodies, and The Other Boleyn Girl) - and didn't want to fork out for the hardcover book price (the Kindle version doesn't seem to be available yet) - so I thought I would try this one about Katherine Grey (sister of Jane, who literally lost her head) and Kate Plantagenet (result of Richard III playing away from home). 

I've been wanting to read this re-imagining of The Winter's Tale (part of the Hogarth Shakespeare series) for a while so was really pleased to see the paperback version in the library. The problem is that the only reason I haven't already bought it is because I thought it was too expensive (£10 last time I checked); now that I know it's only £4.99 on Kindle, I am very tempted to buy it. But no! I will read this library version in celebration of the wonderful resources that libraries are!*

Why be happy when you could be normal? Also by Jeanette Winterson
Having loved Oranges are not the only fruit, Winterson's autobiographical novel, this memoir (described as the novel's silent twin) is also on my "to read" list. Plus, as you may have guessed by the fact I have picked up two of her books, Winterson is one of my favourite authors (despite my total inability to remember her surname - I keep thinking it's Winerson for some reason). I suspect it might be a bit harrowing, which is why I grabbed this library book; I can take it back if it all gets too much!

If you're also in a reading slump, Book Riot has some good tips for getting out of it.

* = They are wonderful but I can pretty much guarantee you I'll have downloaded the book by the end of the week.

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